Want to learn some cool secrets in the great land of Jamaa?  Well here is where you can start!  :3


  • If you wear a construction hat on a fox, something very BRIGHT will happen!
  • Don't wear a bunny hat and use the action :play:, It's the Laws of Physics worst enemy! XD

​Other SecretsEdit

  • Try some glitches around Jamaa!  One easy glitch is the door glitch.  Simply change animals and use the arrow keys to walk onto a door.  Try it on the Sol Arcade and give your friends some excitement!  :D
  • Trading can be fun too.  Here is an easy way to watch out for scammers: 1.) Their den is locked.  2.) They will say things such as, "I always decline trades", "Best sent gift wins __", "Flash me!", and many other things.  Getting scammed isn't a fun thing :C.  One more thing to watch out for is, "Send me, I send back!"